Premium Planner®. We make sense to your organizational change.

Free composition of 5 portraits

made for Premium Attitude Project srl,

approved by artist


Maurizio Galimberti.

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Premium Attitude Project was born with the purpose of generating literature in the field of Organizational Consultancy. It creates and designs environments that are harmonically aligned with their reference system that enhances/supports change processes. The inspiration behind the Project is the Premium Attitude® Model, designed by founders to foster a brand new systemic/holistic concept of organization. Premium Attitude® Model, from the behavioral and strategical perspective, classifies a pattern of action that is the harmonic representation of three different dimensions: Professional, Aesthetic, Human. Traditional consultancy moves a step forward and change tunes, like the professional that commits to the Project. We are Premium Planners.

A Team able to create a network of diversified competences: from reading/mapping Processes, to project management, to systemic vision approach through morphogenetic constellations, thanks to Art Project.     


Professional dimension concerns the work-related skills and know-how expertise.

In this dimension, we have the higher degree of comfort since it takes into account skills and knowledge that are related to the personal job career.

Professional dimension’s indicator is the ”ATTENTION TO DETAIL”, the ability to act in an accurate and precise way, the ability to track down the single detail to reach the system’s efficiency.

Analytic thinking is required over the process and precondition to let the subject develop a noteworthy mental elasticity that grants the target achievement, modifying personal actions compared to the designed objective, in case of non-effectiveness of the actions themselves.


“Shakespeare says  that art is the activity that allows us to transform something oddly ordinary into something wonderful and noteworthy.”

Desmond Morris

Aesthetic dimension does not concern the appreciation of beauty, but has its genesis in the word of philosophy: the competence to make sense and add value to all we do, behaving in such a way to be perfectly aligned with the designated target. This skill, If mastered, triggers a change process. We turn something good into something special and worthy; we turn ordinary into extraordinary. The aesthetic dimension is expressed through two key indicators: – MAKE SENSE: the ability to add value and sense to what we do with clear knowledge over the importance of the single items to the overall macro result. – ABLE TO FORESHADOW: custom fit stories based on the target’s needs, foreshadowing possible questions and demand. Through the Able to Foreshadow we focus on the interlocutor so that he feels the projects, products, behaviors all custom fitted on him, tailor fitting each action on the target we do.

An interpretation of our Logo.

Francesco Baronti


”Each of us is a moving center, a space of divine mystery. And though we spend most of our time on the surface in the daily details of ordinary existence, most of us hunger to connect to this space within, to break through to ecstatic states of consciousness, to be swept away.”

Gabrielle Roth

Human dimension lies in the personal skills that grant the all-round participation in relationships, creating authentic attention and involvement. Create a link between the subject and the other which makes the target feel he is the legitimate owner/target of our attention. Human Dimension has two different indicators: – PRESENCE QUALITY maintains awareness interacting with other individuals through authentic attention and involvement of the other party. Be aware of the here and now and understand the surrounding environment: the other party involved, the context, the work environment. – MORPHOGENETIC FIELD connects/links to the group from its genesis, to its identity, down to the roots. Uses the information acquired as resources to achieve future development, being a key component to success.


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